…because “Fun” and “Mental” is FUNDAMENTAL!

Fundamental Body Therapy is not luxury, but necessary, elemental, integral, organic, original, principle, structural, supporting, sustaining, and vital to one’s health and well being.

It is “FUN” and should be a fun experience crafted with your therapist to relax, release, realign and move the body towards homeostasis.  Being in pain is not fun, getting out of pain is fun and feels great!  Also, it is fun to learn about how you can help your own body through knowledge and self-empowerment, and that learning is why…

It is “MENTAL.”  You should learn something about your body, i.e. areas of tension or tenderness that you were not aware of, or personal muscular patterns.  Through learning we access new neurons and perhaps repave some old ones.  Also, the therapist will be accessing your neurons through Movement, Integrated Cranial-Sacral style techniques, Myofascial Release, Neurokinetic Therapy, or Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex and therefore, it is a MENTAL experience. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jordan,

    I’m very encouraged by what you offer and how you present yourself to the community. I’m wanting to combine yoga with massage and do coaching and wellness treatment plans as well. “Holistic Antidote”; I have a lot of ideas and things very much on the drawing board. Even a potential meditation album. ( I added my website to this message: I mos def want to rework it, it’s just what I have for now so you can see)

    I’m incredibly overwhelmed with all these great ideas, I’m feeling like a total slacker tho and am realizing how much I don’t want to go whack out my body more than it already is just giving “spa” “SW” massage. I would appreciate your professional insight and mentorship, and would love to see the space near TJ’s. I’ll prolly schedule an appt in fall. Can I assist you for TP?

    Also, my apologies for walking out of the class the other day. I needed to be present with Brooke. Thank you so much for all that you do and what you’ve been through to be where you are now. For me the classes you teach and you as individual are incredibly insightful and inspires me to check in with myself to see how I want to grow and manifest my life in SB.

    Paz y Luz,

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