Pain & Injury Resolution

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Jordan NKT

Gait Assessment

Pain is a Fundamental communication from the body to the brain that something is just not quite right.  We utilize a number of advanced techniques, as well as, simple coaching and self-awareness to eliminate pain, restore movement and enhance performance to get you moving back to the happy and healthy you.

Acute Pain- pain that has been with you less than a couple months, x3 treatment package

Chronic Pain- pain that has been with you more than a couple of months, x1 month treatment for every year of chronic pain where we cover the Fundamentals (Breathing, sitting, walking etc) with each session

Preventative Maintenance- half year and full year packages where a portion of your session is treatment oriented and the rest of the session is either relaxation or movement based



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  1. I was recommended to you by Arial from the Institute. I am interested in orthopedic massage. Long term low back challenges, scoliosis. Tried many modalities, nothing sticks but I’m educated, curious, and wary as well!!! I’d like to see if Orthopedic Massage is useful. Currently doing Foundation Training, Acupuncture, Red Laser, Chiropractic (Non-force) P.T. !!! Yep.

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