Video Testimonial from Dr. Eric Nelson, Sports Chiropractor


“I can’t say enough about the global impact of cranial work in general, and receiving it from Jordan Shane Terry specifically. I was the fortunate recipient of his work while I was up in Santa Barbara for his Integrated Cranial course. As a practitioner myself, I have an immense respect for Jordan’s approach to treatment. His ability to tap into the nervous system and know exactly where to go is astounding. I’ve had multiple head traumas, trouble with my vision, you name it, and after playing softball last night, I noticed my vision was crisp and clear. I can also walk with natural, fluid movement in my pelvis that I haven’t felt in at least a year. Integrated cranial could not be more aptly named, I feel like everything in my body is communicating again. If you are a practitioner, I highly recommend not only getting some work from Jordan, but also taking his Integrated Cranial class. If you don’t work on the cranial bones, you definitely should start. If you already do, I promise you can learn more from this course. ” -Caylon Ellis, LMT, NKT, P-DTR, CBA

“Can’t say enough about the tools and knowledge that Jordan’s Integrated Cranial has given me in my work with clients.  Like the name implies, he’s made the knowledge and perspective very accessible to integrate within your practice.  And in reality, with as many clients as I see coming in with the need for cranial work, it’s been indispensable in getting them back up and healing.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Jordan for his help in alleviating the painful restrictions that were the sum effect of an accident ten years prior.   As running is my passion – I was struggling with breathing, hip, and lower back stability that we found as symptomatic of the concussion experienced.” -Mark Kendall, LMT and avid Runner

“I continue to be amazed by the way our bodies receive information and change ourselves to adjust to the environment. Learning to understand this language of perception will forever be engaging.  Jordan is the best kind of instructor, he is also a student. His understanding of the cranium in a functional way for bodywork is unparalleled. He has courses that are coming to an area near you. Worth the drive, time, and worth learning. I continue to be impressed by the practical applications of cranial work.” -Garrett Wood, Regional Spa Manager Equinox

“Jordan made a complex subject understandable and taught it effortlessly.  I especially appreciated the hands-on experience and the many things I could incorporate in my office the next week.” -Dr. Laurie Trapp

“Thank you so much for all your work, enthusiasm, and research! I love the ideas you combine, it is truly integrated cranial. Your class gave me the confidence to use and recommend cranial work to more of my clients, and I have seen impressive results. If you add a follow-up class, I’ll sign up! Your weekend class is super intensive, both in absorbing the material and the bodywork received in practice trades. My head was literally buzzing on Sunday after the class was over. Once my body absorbed the inputs, I felt on top of my game! It is awesome work!” -Rachel Medley, LMT

“Being a therapist for over 11 years I thought I had the best palpation skills going however Jordan’s advanced palpation tricks are as I said to him- the coolest thing I have ever learned! Thank you Jordan for all your wisdom pearls and helping me look at the body from a new angle!” -Sherry Routledge, RMT

“I was amazed by how the Cranials are involved in the whole body, and also by Jordan’s ability to deliver information.  With each subject given, we were given the chance for it to be absorbed and practiced.  Integrated Cranial is great for any practicing manual therapist.” -Ian Abugayda, ART, NKT, P-DTR

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