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Approved for National Massage CEU’s

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“Cranials” – Holding Space Seminar is honoring and addressing the “Hub” of the human nervous system while incorporating the cranium into any modality and/or treatment.  This is Cranial for human body mechanics, while still honoring the depths of touch, connection, and the deeper rhythms of the human system.

Learn how to:
-Palpate (Neural Palpation!), Assess, and Balance the Cranial Bones, including TMJ & Concussions!
-Recognize the connections to the entire body: Muscular and Internal Organ
-Develop an enhanced sense of touch aiding in the ability to recognize “Pairs” and “Structural Triangles” in the architecture of the human body.
-Integrate with your modality/treatment style

Requirements:  Ability to touch (licensure preferred) and listen, advanced knowledge of anatomy preferred

Who Will Benefit:  Anyone working with human body and the nervous system- Rehabilitation Professionals, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, NeuroKinetic Therapists, Osteopaths, Athletic Trainers, Manual Therapists, Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

Itinerary: Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-5pm


–  8am – 9am: Human Cranium Anatomy Lecture • Cranial Bones and Sutures

–  9am – 10am: “Suture Scrub” Palpation Technique • Demonstration and Partner Break-Out

–  10am – 11am: Major Cranial Vault Holds Technique • Demonstration and Partner Break-Out

–  11am – 12pm: Spinal Assessment

–  12pm-1pm: LUNCH BREAK

–  1pm – 2pm: Cranial Nerve Lecture & Tests

–  2pm – 3pm: Individual Cranial Bone Movements & Holds Lecture

–  3pm – 5pm: Individual Cranial Bone Cranial Holds Partner Break-Out



–  8am – 9am: Introduction to “Body Holds” Technique & Human Architecture

–  9am – 10am: “Body Holding” Technique

–  10am – 11am: Human Architecture – Lecture Continued

–  11am – 12pm: “Rub Face” & Stomatognathic System Lecture

–  12pm – 1pm: LUNCH BREAK

–  1pm-2pm: Integration Break Out, Reactors

–  2pm-4pm: Intra-Oral Stomatognathic System Anatomy, Palpation & Balancing

–  4pm-5pm: Cranial Breathing Challenges & Wrap Up Questions

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